Rates Waiver Scheme (updated April 2021)

COVID 19 Waiver of Commercial Rates

A further waiver of commercial rates will apply to specified businesses in the first 2-quarters of 2021. This 6-month waiver has modified criteria and accordingly is a separate, standalone waiver scheme.

A 6-month waiver will apply to eligible businesses and will take the form of a credit in lieu of rates. The value of the waiver is the equivalent value of 50% of the annual rate bill for 2021. The waiver will apply to businesses closed by, or severely impacted by the Level 5 restrictions.

What do I as a ratepayer have to do to get this waiver?

An application to Kerry County Council is not required. 

Kerry County Council will automatically apply a 6-month waiver as 50% of the value of the 2021 rates bill to eligible businesses and will take the form of a credit in lieu of rates.  

Excluded categories 

In recognition that there are a number of ratepayers for whom their businesses have not been affected by the pandemic, these ratepayers will not be eligible for the automatic waiver. 

Please see list of excluded categories

What if I am in the excluded category but have been severely impacted by the pandemic?

Businesses in the excluded categories may seek eligibility from Kerry County Council if it can be shown the business was severely impacted by the pandemic. 

The Council will request a completed application form and documentary evidence to support eligibility.  In this circumstance please submit your completed application form and documentary evidence to rateswaiver@kerrycoco.ie or to the postal address below, no later than close of business on Friday 30th April 2021.


Postal Address: 
Revenue Department,
Kerry County Council,
Ashe Memorial Hall,
Denny St.,Tralee,
Co. Kerry. V92PVW3


Email:           rateswaiver@kerrycoco.ie
Phone:          0667162100

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Additional Covid-19 Supports

The Covid Restrictions Support Scheme (CRSS) is being administered by Revenue and information can be found on their website here.